Promoting “Brand Malaysia”

(ATTENTION : i made this out from because i can’t write more than  500 Alphabetical in there.)

Perbincangan tajuk dari


“If You Think You Are Rich, There Are Many Out There Whom Are Richer. But If You Are Honest, You Are Among The Few”

— Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Hajj —


 ( * I cannot get politic out of this topic, it’s regarding the Nation (Malaysia). Malaysia is a democratic country, in other means, it is controlled by politics.)


This article will be in English, even though it is not “Brand Malaysia” as the constitution stated that Bahasa Malaysia is the national spoken language.

Mortanly (literature term for “Frankly”), I do prefer to speak in my own native language that is Bahasa Malaysia, since I will embraced my language to the world, as I always quoted “If You Want My Knowledge, Learn My Lingo (Language)”.

I couldn’t picture how to be proud of “Brand Malaysia” even if we are not proud of our own language (Bahasa Malaysia) even more not to embrace it as our Brand (Brand Malaysia).

I am a very observant person, if you who are reading this, you would notice that every discussion topics in this 1Malaysia are in dual language, English and Bahasa Malaysia. Did you realise that Bahasa Malaysia is second after English ? Shouldn’t it be Bahasa Malaysia in the first place then only English.  Nevertheless, most articles in 1Malaysia were put in English instead of Bahasa Malaysia. Well… I must say, Brand English.

Our moderator for this discussion topic here, is Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, honestly I never heard not even once he spoken in fluent Bahasa Malaysia., neither in live nor in tv news. Thus explained why I’m writing this in English, it’s “BRAND ENGLISH” that we are proud of and wanted to show to the world.

As I said in my previous discussion entry, LEAD BY EXAMPLE or WALK THE TALKS.

From my heart, here in Malaysia, those who can’t converse in fluent English will be labelled as low society people or low educated person. It is true !!! It is the reason why most of us are not proud with their own Bahasa Malaysia language, but if one is knowledgeable why not to embrace its own language so that others have to learn the language in order to gain the knowledge. History speaks lessons,  the romans had to learned Arabic as in the past most knowledgeable person were the Muslim i.e Algebra, Ibnu Sinar etc. Decades passed, knowledge was controlled by the romans, when the empire broken apart it is then controlled by the English in Europe, New Land was founded that is The United State of America. And they had become the most knowledgeable people in world, indirectly forced others to learn their language (English) in order to gain their knowledge, which in return Brand English is widely used in the world.

There are a few definitions here about “Brand Malaysia” :

  1. Malaysia (the country is self) is the brand
  2. Product of Malaysia

Does a product of foreign brand but made in Malaysia considered Brand of Malaysia ? i.e INTEL Microchips (Made in Malaysia) ???

How about Media Prima Bhd, more than 30% of it share stakes owned by Australian. Does it considered Brand of Malaysia or Australia ? hahahahaha

Tricky question isn’t it ? You go figure it out, OK ?

I’ve read all the comments and responses to this topic here in 1Malaysia #roundtable discussion, most of the people who wrote the comments were talking about Product of Malaysia as they think “Brand Malaysia” is about it, they are out of topic. It’s actually Malaysia the country is self is the Brand. Yet it’s regarding and related a bit much.




As you said at your intro, Malaysia is known as a progressive, Islamic, Muslim-Majority as well multi-cultural nation.

We are the example and the hero to the third world nation and other Islamic countries.

But bear in mind, all these only during the era of the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.

We were praised, we were look up by others because of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, he is a TRULY “Brand Malaysia”. People around the world knows his name, when asked :

“Do you know Malaysia ?”


“Do you know Dr. Mahathir ?”

“ooOOOooo… Malasie Prime Minister. I Know.”


But if asked :

“Do you know Abdullah Badawi ?”

“Who is that ?”

“No… It’s the former Prime Minister of Malaysia ?”

“Oh… Sorry, I thought that’s another Bellboy from the Hotel I stayed in Dubai.”



“Do you know Najib Tun Razak ?”

“Who the hell is that ? ”



( * the above was from real situation, from my friends in the chat room on the internet.)


Now days, there’s nothing would impress the world from Malaysia as those days of Tun Dr. Mahathir. Because we don’t have a real leader, a leader that cares for his people than enlarging his own tummy.  A leader that bravely clarion his thoughts to the world, a leader that doesn’t knee down on what is not right (being righteous). A leader that as a father that feed us prosperly.

As date, Malaysia is also known as “Drug Trafficking Hub”. Explained why there are too many super mega drug heist by the police and customs, we are not talking about a kilo or two, but a cargo container filed. We will become “Brand Columbia Jr.” soon enough.

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either”

— Albert Einstein –


In term of economic and businesses.

There are nothing left here in Malaysia, apart from depending on PETRONAS that contributing 60% of the nation’s income, next is the industrial, then tourism and others the least.

There are no more INTEL Processor chips stated MALAY (made in Malaysia), but Costa Rica.

There are no more SONY made in Malaysia.

SAMSUNG will follow suit sooner or later.

All the foreign large companies has departed Malaysia. Why ?

The truth is, businesses want to cut cost. Thus making enormous profits. Malaysia’s inflation rate in within these 5 years since 2005 has increased in realistic figure up to double !!! or should I say 250% inflation rate.

Raw materials price hiked up like Apollo 13 to the moon.

Who is going to buy the product at this hour of economic down time if the cost is high, don’t expect the end product would be cheap.

Salary wages remains  the same,  purchasing power reduced.

Who’s going to work with tiny wages but could not survive the cost of living ?

And the bonus question, who’s going to buy products if the money is enough only to survive ?

This economic matter caused social-economic problem, i.e CORRUPTIONS, increase of crimes, unstable politics, drug trafficking, prostitution, etc

Do you think that businesses would want to do business ?  They will lose more than they win.

Reasons why businesses of mega corporations fled away to China. Cheaper cost, cheaper salary, low inflation rate (they will be at the boiling point sooner or later). Vietnam is another destination for mega corps such as INTEL, far lower cost than in China.

Explained why there are not much Direct Foreign Investment to Malaysia. What can we offer ? Political crap talking 24/7 ?

My point here what is left in Malaysia ? Does Malaysia have its own products ? Mind me, Air Asia is not a product, it’s a service company, even its aeroplanes are not product of Malaysia.

PROTON ? As the Malay saying “Hidup Segan, Mati Tak Mahu”. Low quality brand, even the highest range, Proton Perdana V6, the leather seats are not using real leather, it’s a mixture of PVC (plastic), cheap plastic (i.e dashboard), doesn’t look nor feel sturdy, still using blast from the past Mitsubishi technology, analog meters, analog air-cond control, lousy power windows etc, as “Damien Thanam Divean” said in this topic, “tin sardine” safety. Hahaha or I would say, car for losers. Only losers would buy and drive a Proton, because it is the cheapest option.

Malaysia increased the tax price on imported cars to 260% (300% previously), just to protect PROTON.

Do you all know that in Brunei Darussalam, during my stayed there (2004). BMW 318i was only BND $ 31,900 (monthly instalment is only BND $ 600) ??? Proton Perdana V6 was BND $ 39,000 ?

Who’s going to buy PROTON ??? Plus, Proton Perdana V6 is the revived of the old Proton Perdana, with some botox, lipstick, mascara, make-ups added, not forgetting the sexy skirt.

The same with PRODUA, NAZA or whatever crap

Watch this video to prove it :


Jeremy Clarkson quoted :

“You got to sensed that they were designed not by one man, whom wanted to make a great car, but by a corporation that simply wanted to make money”

It’s true anyway, even the Chairman of PROTON (the previous one) whom live in Shah Alam (I knew because a friend of mine live next to his house) Tan Sri whatever his name is, he has 2 Ferrari, few Mercedes Benz, BMW etc, but in his garage there is only 1 Proton Perdana V6 (his official car, given free) hahahaha. Even the current bosses of Proton, they only drive Proton as their official car that was given FOC to them, but look at their other cars at home nor their kids driving, do you think they have the entire collection of their own made cars ??? hahahahaha superficial they are. Buy Malaysian product, but they them self didn’t use their own made products.

Hereby, I’m taking opportunity to dare and challenge the government of Malaysia to demolish their protection over PROTON or any Malaysian made car maker, be it equalise and ready for an Open Fair Trade  (OFT). If the government still with their crap, what about us ? They pulled or reduced most of the subsidy to the people, with the excuse of we can’t be pampered much – subsidises won’t be forever.  How about to Proton, a government interest ? WALK THE TALK…



My quick answer for this :

I’d like the world to see me and us as “knowledgeable”.

The fact is, no other race or citizen could play a knowledgeable person. Someone that you don’t want to mess with. i.e Tun Dr. Mahathir during 1981 to boycott the British Media with “Buy British Last”.

Knowledge is power !!!



There are many flaws in our system. It’s not the system made the flaws, but it’s the  people who manages the system.

As Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said :

“We have a 1st class infrastructure and facilities, but with 3rd class mentality of people whom manages it”

It’s true anyway, let me give an example. Insurance companies in Malaysia (Tan Sri Tony Fernandes owned one).

In Malaysia, for a car accident case. Insurance company will pay the damages in within 1 – 2 years, average 18 month time. BUT in the United Kingdom, it only took just a mere 1 week for the insurance company to pay up.

Enforcement here in Malaysia are lame,  too many hanky panky, too many red-tapes by bureaucrats of whom wants a bite of everything. There is no transparency in mostly everything, the word “transparency” is just a word of speech. To prove this right, I just had many of my comments and responses been deleted by the admin of, before they said I’m being offensive, then I counter-measure their statement, they changed their excuse to “Please stick and be relevant to the topic”. Oh well… I think some girl’s dress up are more transparency.

I am accused for being offensive just because I criticises what are wrong in the government, the politicians can’t stand the hot spicy chillies. As the Malay saying : “Siapa Makan Cili, Dia Terasa Pedas”.

I didn’t use any harsh words, no cursing etc nothing. Just facts and plain facts aswell from my heart, an honest viewpoints. Is that offensive ?

A small thing such as that they can’t be transparent, they are hiding something from the public. Meaning they can’t be trusted in other bigger things. Because we should have known their so-called “transparency”.

All that the reason why, many investors doesn’t want to invest in this country anymore now days.

Worst part of Malaysia, most of the old folks mind are ancient 4-bit computing processor. They are typical Malay (kampong) minded as well egoistic, even if they are Tan Sri, Datuk Seri or any else. In this country it’s all about seniority, no matter how good performance,  genius or brilliant one is, he/she will never go up to be a millionaire or a billionaire at a young age (only the childrens of the Prime Minister or Minister are). They will never be given the chance, all of theirs will be plagiarised, they will cover it up, and the person will be monitor as if he is the villain. Just like myself, a lot of mine were plagiarised, been used without my permission nor not even a cent paid. Plagiarism is a crime.

Now days, in the developed nation, intellectual property is one of the most income generator. Look at Bill Gates (Microsoft), Google, facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Youtube and list goes on, they are all young billionaires. By what ? Intellectual Property (immaterial property). In the developed nation, they respect “intellectual property”, if a person wants it, they buy it, such as google who bought youtube.

Here in Malaysia ? No one respect “Intellectual Property” of others, they just simply plagiarised it, just because they are Ministers, Prime Minister or someone with power (or political contact).

TO PROVE THIS MATTER, Name me… name me just 1 international mega company that has research & development centre in Malaysia. None !!! For the info, INTEL R&D facilities is in the US itself, Malaysia or Coasta Rica are just their  production factory, nothing more. Have anyone figure out why ?

The reason why is because,  this country is known for being a paradise for plagiariser and immoral unethical people (most of them), our law does not really and fully protect the owner of Intellectual Property, even if it does, political interference will take part since most villain does involve politics and politicians. TO PROVE THIS, name me just 1 politician that has been put in jail apart from Anwar Ibrahim ? NONE !!! Those with title ranks will never be in prison, refer to case Dato Ramli Yusof, Datuk Mohamad Daud, Tan Sri Eric Chia etc.

I have many friends from the United State, they asked me to migrate to America. They know my story, they know what happen to me.

Who is going to respect those people in the government, if the government themselves are the criminal, that simply plagiaries without gratitude.

There is only one solution for this question of the topic, CHANGE THE MENTALITY !!! Especially from the elderly folks. As the Malay saying quoted : “Tua Jangan Disangka Bapa, Muda Jangan Disangka Anak”, it means, doesn’t mean you’re older you’re wiser, and doesn’t mean I’m young I’m stupid.

Change the mentality of the leaders, walk the talk. Then only you can change neither this nation nor the world. That’s the only solution. (Metaphor) It’s not the car’s fault, but it’s the driver who drives recklessly.


P/ S :

I do not have respect for plagiarisers, they are criminals with a suit and a tie perhaps with a title.



How do we unleash the “entrepreneurs within” among Malaysians ?

First we LEASHED the corruptors within among Malaysians.

We must LEASHED those bureaucrats who being the Berlin wall, they are such a virus. In computer, viruses does damaging and slow down the performance of the computer, I hope you get my point here.

We cannot unleash entrepreneurs within among Malaysians, if most of our leaders and the government are still with their 4-bit microchip typical minded brain, they just can’t cope with the latest applications.  They are slow, they are not creative in solving problems, they are not open minded in criticism, and the worst they can’t accept if there is a much younger person who are smarter than them.

The only thing they could cope with their 4-bit brain is, making photocopy of Mitsubishi cars (PROTON), making common business (air liner, kilang belacan, oil & gas etc). Try to come up with something new, new invention, in your dream that you will get support from those 4-bit brains. Unless one is their members, then you will get support, of course with  some favour in return (if you know what I mean). They will never give you the chance, unless something in return for them. You should know this better Tony.

THIS IS FACT, I am talking fact !!!

This question is simple, as to answer No.3 , change the mentality, it will change everything.  Bet on it.



Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd. Rahim bin Abdul Wahab (LuQiee)


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