Innovating Malaysia, Accelerating Transformation

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Perbincangan tajuk dari



I would agree to almost all of your statements for this topic brought by you.

Malaysia’s stumbling blocks mostly came from mainly the elders, especially the Malays with their typical tradition and seniority minded, and then came the Chinese with their greediness, each of these race has their own weaknesses that being the stumbling blocks. The Indians, they only populate 10% of this country’s population, they are not a threat but a burden pain on the neck race, they are lazy and stuck with their typical twister words, two faces and knows love to blow things out of the proportion (i.e a problem with the size of 10 cent coin would be a problem as big as the planet Jupiter). And lately the Malaysian Indians had been too much, as the Malay saying “BIADAP” with them interfering with the ISLAM affairs, yet they are Hindus not Muslim.

The bureaucracy works along with the public and private sector, public sector in this country is still are the pain on the neck level, a simple thing that could be done and accomplish in a week could takes 3 months or more to resolve. This is not only adequate to the lower level, but even at the minister level.


When the common soldiers are too strong and their officers too weak, the result is INSUBORDINATION. When the officers are too strong and the common soldiers too weak, the result is COLLAPSE.”

— Sun Tzu —


A leader leads by example not by Force.”

 — Sun Tzu —


As a good example, you yourself as a person in the academic field, should you take the exam and go through making thesis, rather than receiving honorary doctorate nor honorary professorship. That is a wrong ethic being an academician, honorary scrolls are awarded those out from the academic field, such as Dr. P. Ramlee (Tan Sri) or me perhaps ? But for anyone from the academic world (especially who owned a private university), as an academician, one have to go through being a student, take the exams and making the thesis to get their doctorate or professorship.

The above image from : Lim Kok Wing University

It’s a shame and a disgrace for someone from the academic world to be awarded with honorary scrolls. Just like Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as he was awarded with honorary doctorate in Technology from some university in Australia, Yes… he is outside from the academic world, a commoner to the academician, he is eligible for honorary. BUT… technology is not his field of expertise, he even have to look at his keyboard to type, even worst he can’t even setup his own handphone  to match pairing with his notebook via Bluetooth.  DOCTOR of TECHNOLOGY ??? Bad comedy… they must be kidding me.

My point here, most universities now days are suck-up and lame. For a person to be awarded with honorary scrolls, he/she must have deeds in the field of the award. Like Dr. P. Ramlee, University Malaya uses his knowledge in the film industry as their learning subject, for that matter before it can be used to teaches as subject, P. Ramlee has to be recognised by awarding him with honorary doctorate.  Like yourself, I bet none !!! You are not an expert to any of your doctorate awards nor even your professorship. All those Universities are linked to your own private university. How innovative is that ? Thus… for this I’ve elaborated a part of the poor Malaysian mentality. In Malaysia, it’s not how genius or how smart ones are, but it’s about who you know, son of who and who’s politician follower you are, this the worst mentality of Malaysian. To proof this, take my self, just because I have loud and big mouth, I could never go up, only if I’m being a suck up just like most people, then could only be rich nor at the top. That is the mentality implanted to our generations, be a suck up !!! I hate this country and I despised most of it people, just not my taste nor my cup of tea.

A leader that leads by example as an example. Just like it president, your private university are known as “University for The Spoil Brats and Dumbs”, none of your students were the best from their high school.  University that mainly charter for Media, Graphic and Entertainment related degree. Not for Einstein level.

One quick question, have you write a book before dear Professor ??? hahahahaha

Future-Focused Education ? Why not start with you, if you take the exams and go through making thesis as those real academicians. Then only you’ll have my respect and others, we are not nincompoops to be fooled.

I disagreed with you on your statement about the rural development, ask yourself, what is your contribution to the rural side of the nation ? Not even Scholarships by Lim Kok Wing himself.



To bring innovation into the government ?

First… we must make a major renovation to the government, we have to throw out those unnecessary and unwanted pests, aliens, useless, brainless and those elders with 4-bit processor in their brain. (Please read and refer my previous article titled : Promoting “Brand Malaysia” in reply to Tony Fernandes, below this article regarding my point to 4-bit processor)

There is an old saying quoted :



Enough said, and well said of the above saying to determine the problem for this question answer.  As an academician, you should get my point easily if only if you are a real academician.



How to build the rural economy that will reduce the rural-urban migration?

  1. Honesty
  2. Transparency
  3. Persistency
  4. Sincere willingness to Help


You have all that the above mentioned plus a good mind-set, then only you can build the rural economy.

I’m giving you the answer to this question based on reverse psychology, so that your brain would run and think rather than being in hibernated mode.

Tell me, what happen to the RM 5 Billion allocation for the agricultural sector announced by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak months ago, or even better, tell me what happen to RM 2.1 Billion allocation for the agricultural sector announced by the former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during 2006 ?

What happen to all that money ? I didn’t hear any farmers that became a millionaire in agricultural industries. What I know is that, most of the money goes to large corporations owned by politicians proxy nor those related to them.

Do you know that, in China, the farmers in the paddy field, they live in a house as big as a mansion.  Have you been to China rural area ? I’m not rich yet, never had the opportunity but I read a lot and I watch documentary a lot. It’s bizarre, most Malaysian rich and famous including their family members, they go overseas not to learn, but they came back with AIDS in their bloodstream.

I answered this No.2 question with a question,  a question that only those involved knows. If you can find out the answers, then it will answer to your “how to build the rural economy”, or better yet as “how to enlarge the tummy of the corrupts”.

As I said in my previous articles in reply to 1Malaysia #roundtable discussion, it’s not the system fault, it’s the people whom manages it. Again… It’s not the car to be blamed, but it’s the driver who drives recklessly.



Is education over-regulated with little room for creativity and innovation?

YES… !!!


Not only in education, but everywhere. “They” don’t like a person, they delete, they block, they give hanky panky, they give problems that purposely created, they are envious. In the world of Intelligentsia, envious people are those lower rank than the person they are envious of.

I took my self for the example of this matter, above and below.

During my childhood and teenage life, I am a bright person. Usually i will be the “anak emas” (golden child) of my teachers, but those others and some teachers that dislikes me – they influent others to against me.


Evil Prevails When Good Men Failed To Act

— Anonymous —


The same as my current situation as stated earlier at the intro of this article, because I have a clarion (loud) and big mouth, I don’t kneed down to what is wrong nor to follow the typical mainstream 4-bit processor thinker brain nor tradition, I am been put a side or brushed away. I am just to be used by those corruptors / plagiarisers and those brick face (muka tak malu) of whom takes other’s as if it’s theirs who’s in-power in the government. Not only me, but many others. As for myself, those criminals plagiarised mine, you should know in the academic world, plagiarism is a wrong doing, if caught, you will be dismiss from the university or you will get 0 (zero) score marks for your papers. If you receives a scroll for it, as it is plagiarism, the scroll will be voided.

Do you know why those plagiarisers of the lunatic world of plagiarism never succeeded in what they plagiarised ? Because it’s not their brainless brain’s that invented nor created it, when problems arise, there you go, they don’t know how to solve it nor to manage it. Remember Thomas Edison ? he once said :


I Will Not Say I Failed 1000 Times, I Will Say I Discovered There Are 1000 Ways That Can Cause Failure

— Thomas Edison —


Do you get the picture with the above quote meant ?

My conclusion here, as long as plagiarisers not punished, as long as “intellectual property” not respected, it will curb creativity and innovation. Ditto !!!



P/S :

Are you sure that you, yeah YOU that reads this is creative and innovative ? If what I said here are not acceptable by you ? It’s all fact, not lies of politics.

Most of you people are judgemental by looking at looks that could be deceiving, judging me on my way of speech, but forgetting my points.

I am a positive person even in negative situation. Here is one of my favourite book, my apology, I don’t read design books, design books are full of pictures just like comics.




Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd. Rahim bin Abdul Wahab (LuQiee)




Dear Stanley Clement :

As an official advisor to a “somebody” (you’d be surprise), i do not need advises from someone is not reputable nor nothing proven such as you. My apology to say this.

You are teaching me to be positive, instead you are such a twister (3suku minded). Isn’t in what i wrote here, i asked people that read mine to be positive ?

You are the one who’s now being negative and narrow minded, instead of me. If you don’t have 248 / 300 IQ, please do not tend to do a reserve psychology, it’s sacarsm instead than to make a point.

It’s not a race nor religion card. You are the one who took it that way, must be something behind that you’re fear of ? Perhaps some hidden agenda or yours ?

People such as you with the narrow minded who can’t think broadly wide cinematic 235:1 screen are the reason why we can’t get the equality of the national aspiration, thus slowing progression. Because you wants it all. To proof this is simple.

The way you talk in the topic above, you had almost the entire submitted comments flooded by just your comments (excluding your responses). Seeking attention or cheap publicity perhaps ? Are you lobbying for something ? looks like it tho…

In discussions or debate, you had your turn and chance, use it wisely. Take your time to say what you wanted to say. Don’t bloody flood the discussion with yours alone, you illiterate pest !!! Give other people chance to submit theirs.

From that mentality of yours, i could determined your character. That is why you are being much a suck up !!! You have a beneficial personal interest to what you said, because it will benefits you. Perhaps something got to do with your business.

Anyway… Tun H.S Lee (1st MCA President) once said :

To The Chinese, Don’t Be Too Greedy

— Tun H.S Lee —

Is that a race card ??? Whilst it is a fact !!! Said by a Chinese leader him self ? Go read more and learn more, you are not my match.

Plus, i put my self in religion point of view. In ISLAM, we are not allowed to answer a salam (assalamu’alaikum) of those who are not a muslim. If given as such, we can answer it as “wa’alaikum” ONLY (instead of Wa’alaikum Salam).

Do you get the picture ? Is that a religion card ?

Whos playing the religion card ? Not by words, but by hidden action or personal interest ? hard to be seen by eyes, yet visible and figureable by a powerful mind.

GO FLY KITE Stanley Clement. We don’t need people like you who has a narrow minded and doesn’t walk straight.

A true open minded (not narrow minded) would take what said even in race or religion talk positively, aslong it has limit and doesn’t cross the border. If leaders can’t talk about it, how to solve problems of it ??? When was the last time you use your brain Mr. Stanley Clement ? Don’t play with fire if you don’t know what you are doing, and if you don’t have the wisdom.

Lastly, well… thank you for your praises to me. I am not only obviously talented and has big thinking capacity, yet zillion times better than you are. Obviously, that’s was “obvious” of what you said. You admitted it your self. Envious aren’t you ? So… you be positive, and don’t twist my words around. I’m arrogant to suits your egoistic, fair enough !!!

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