Change Begins With Me

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Perbincangan tajuk dari



Undeniable fact about the lives of consumers all over the world has become tougher and more challenging these days. I agreed.

I disagreed with you on your statement regarding :

… Old habits and practices of shifting the blame and expecting others (often the Government) to provide them with assistance can no longer be used today. In today’s global condition, the powers of the Government are becoming more limited.”


It is not because of what you said, it is because we have leaders that hardly use their brain more than 5% (normal human brain usage is 10%, Albert Einstein is 14% with the IQ 276 / 300). Did I insulted anyone here ? I didn’t mention any names. Please prove me wrong by taking this World’s Smartest Person test (click here to download), I am sure not even the entire think tank of the Prime Minister could answer it correctly, especially in less than 48hours alone without any others that aiding. I scored 23/25, and yes I did participated it twice on 2006 and 2007.

Well that’s what happens when we have a leader who has everything and get things easy in his life, being brought up from the so-called “ruling elite family”. He never learn the “hard knock life” from the grain pain. Not even a tiny street smart for a survival kit. Real life is about being smart to survive and being practical.

Honestly, if he is so smart and as well with the fish tank, eh… I mean think tank. Why the problems in this nation are not solve ? Most of it, from a wound now it had become deceases. Why ? It that a sign of ingenuity ?

A smart person would always find it ways, if there is a will – there is a way, isn’t it ?

Tun Mahathir Mohamad, had experienced 3x times world economic downtimes. He solved it swiftly and easily like taking candy from a baby.

Don’t be a leader if you are not a workaholic and always spend your time out from your office i.e playing soccer, preaching, too much function attending etc. It solve nothing my friend. Totally waste of time.

Well to me, there are an easy get away from this economic downtime.

Life goes on no matter what is the economy of the world is. And it doesn’t matter how many new challenges that arise during time.

Oil & Gas price increasement does affecting our life, as it is become a point of excuse for businesses to hike their price as well, taking opportunity from a disaster.

Food is our primary needs to live on, in Malaysia it is caused by the “middlemen” that determined the end price. They are the one who’s making tonnes of cash. I’m giving an example, RM 15 per/kg for a “Ikan Kembong” (scomber fish), that’s 100% plus price increase from previous RM 7 per/kg. The fact is, the fishes are free from the ocean, what made the price increases ?. Does the fishes consume fuel ? Was it because RM 0.20 cent  per/litre withdrawal of subsidy to the fishermen, that diesel become RM 1.80 per/litre (13% price hike)? That’s totally crap. Unless it is RM 180 per/litre than I could accept with my logical thinking.

Some people are just plain greedy, aren’t they ? Or the fishes does really consume fuel, I wonder.

And you can use that simple math and common sense to other variety of food crops, it just does make sense. Fuel increase by only 13%, but the food increased by more than 100%. Ridiculous… !!! Where does the government stand on this issue ? taking bribes and do nothing, they are being feed with the businesses bribe to not taking action ? Including FOMCA ?.

As a FOMCA President, you should protect the consumer, they are your client (putting the situation as a lawyer). Not the government.  And don’t be such a suck up to “jaga perut” of yours only.

Here is what Raja Nazrin ibni Sultan Azlan Shah said (taking me as example) : click here




Are Malaysians ready for “Change Starts with Me” ?


Nope… I do not think so. Why ? Read on futher to Answer No.2 below.



What steps should the Government take in order to instill the spirit of “Change Starts with Me” amongst Malaysians ?


Ever heard the Malay proverb of “Bagai Ketam Mengajar Anaknya Berjalan Lurus, Sedangkan Dirinya Sendiri Berjalan Senget” ?

OR in English i would simplify the above proverb in just one word, that is HAZA. It means A pig that don’t fly straight (from Urban Dictionary). It’s the same meaning as the above Malay proverb.

I despised the talk of bureaucrats especially politicians, honestly… most of them are dishonest and superficial. I never hear anything honest of what’s truly happening from a politician when they are in power.



Step 1 : Lead by example

Step 2 : Walk the talks

Step 3 : Prove to us that the government themselves (and their family) is doing what they asked the people to do.

Step 4 : Stop talking and start walking. Action should speak louder than words.

Step 5 : Changes should starts from you, YES you who brought this topic in the first place, including your family members.

Step 6 : Then only we will follow suit, as we were lead the example shown.

Fair enough ???



Who determines the price and demand of goods and services ?


In term of goods and services, the people who want it determined it demand.

As the price aspect, the businesses nor the “business community” determined it.

This is way too basic of economy. What are you seeking from this question actually, please state your case clearly.



Can the Government determine the prices of certain goods and services ?


Obviously they can !!! As Clark Kent (Superman) were advised by his father “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, isn’t it ?

Unless they are HAZA, then that’s another different story.

Not only to certain goods or services, but most of it. We don’t want to be living such as those at Ginza, Japan so soon do we ?



Is subsidy necessary for everyone, including the rich and foreigners ?


I’m a righteous person, to be fair, YES… they are eligible for subsidy. Because they are too a tax payer. The richer they are, they higher amount of the tax shall they pay.

As for foreigners, they also a tax payer in this nation, since they are working here. Their company also have to pay 28% Malaysia’s company tax.

Yet again, if they are a HAZA. They don’t deserve it. I only said this because, there is a good of some than many of the worst. I’m a righteous person, so I’m with those rich whom are the good ones.



Is the current Social Security Network System’s “Safety Net” adequate ?


Nope… Not at all.

Malaysia is vulnerable to economic distress.

The root cause is by the government themselves. Lazy and easily granted satisfactory, especially the Malay servants.

Remember this, “MELAYU MUDAH LUPA” ?

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is a hardworking man (4hours sleeping time everyday, and spend most of the time in the office), Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a stoner whom a sleepy head, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ? Honestly… he is a sweet talker and preaches a lot, 1/10 actions are shown. He only cares for his popularity and his political career more than the people of this country. Yet I admin he is better than Tun Abdullah Badawi, thank god. (but not as good as Tun Mahathir, as well Tun Mahathir is a good-hearted person. The only thing i hate in him is his ego.)

Out Safety Net is not adequate, because we don’t have a leader with a super-computer mind in his brain, neither our political foundation is a mess and unstable currently.



If subsidies are being withdrawn, where should the money for the subsidy be allocated ?


How about we allocated it to my bank account paying the old debts ? Why it is always been into your pocket nor the politicians pockets ? Why not mine this time ? (i’m just kidding)

I disagreed with subsidies are being withdrawn.  Since Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s era, you should have learned the mistake. He demolished half the subsidy for the Fuel and Gas, in term to save RM 20 Billion government subsidy money, yet he has to balance the imbalance economy balance sheet by increasing government servant wage up to the highest of 42% increasement. In which it cost more than RM 20 Billion per/year.

If so the government wishes to withdrawn as they became desperate to sourcing money, begin with PROTON who is given more than RM 500 Million per/year subsidy for some junk pile scraps.

Be righteous… be fair, then only you’ll earn respect even from your enemy. Don’t be a HAZA. OK ? Again, I’d love to enlighten you with, LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Prove to me that I am wrong and you are right, but I always been proven I am right and you are wrong most of the time 9/10.



What must be done to prevent our country from over-dependence on imported food products ?


Do you know that in Negeri Sembilan, we have the largest meat production known as “Meatvalley” ? Do you know that it is own by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil’s husband ? Under the fund of Ministry of Agricultural during Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin was the Minister ?

I wonder why that is not enough to supply the entire nation, where does the money goes ? Making money or in someone’s swiss bank account ?

My point here, that is the problem with our country. Only sharks getting the big fund, leaving the small farmer with a few cent to expend their business. And if the sharks failed, we are in shortage. Honestly, most of the sharks failed. They have no intention nor they are not genuine to be a farmer or making the business. They only want the fund money, then they are gone. Just like “Perwaja Steel” case of Tan Sri Eric Chia. History speaks lesson, isn’t it ?

Do you know that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, via his BIA (Brunei Investment Agency) owned a meat farm in Australia which producing beef and lamb meat, and the farm is bigger than his own country ?

Can you beat this, RM 18 per/kg for Australian oxtail to compare with RM 24 per/kg Malaysian oxtail ? CAN YOU BEAT THAT ? Australian beef and lamb are cheaper than Malaysian local meat, and tastier. I am wondering why.

Can you give me the answer ? If you could figure it out and give me the answer, then you’ll get the answer to this question of yours. Simple as 123 and ABC. This is what I called, “The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking”.



Luqmanul Hakim bin Abd. Rahim bin Abdul Wahab

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